In Kemijärvi, there are vacant business plots available for industrial and tourism companies. The City of Kemijärvi also has industrial properties for sale and rent. In the city centre, there are privately owned premises available for brick-and-mortar shops.

Kemijärvi has four areas zoned for industrial use. The Patokanka industrial area is located at the terminus of the electric railway line. The area is home to a wood processing company and a raw wood terminal.

There are large plots of land available in the Pöyliöjärvi industrial area. Currently, a welding service company is operating in the area.

The Isolehdo area is located in the immediate vicinity of the cantonal road 82. The area is home to a company offering car repair and maintenance services and a company selling tools and machinery.

There are several plots available in the Särkikankaan industrial estate. It is currently home to earthmoving and transport companies, a kitchen furniture company and a welding company.

More information on industrial sites and plots:

Link to plot information, technical pages.

A map when it’s finished.

For more information on the plots, link to the city’s industrial plots page.

More detailed information on industrial properties, link to the relevant page of the holding company.

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