Personal consulting

Personalised consulting

Business Kemijärvi’s experts will help you to refine your business idea and prepare a business plan completely free of charge. We can also help you find suitable financing. You can also reach a wide network of specialised experts through us. Through personalised advice, you can get the advice and assistance you need, in a way that suits you.

Business Plan

The preparation of a business plan guides you to consider the details, risks and development path of your business, and to calculate its profitability before you start operating it. Business Kemijärvi’s experts will help you work through your business idea and business plan with you. Our experts will act as advisors, assistants and sparring partners at different stages of the process – according to your schedule. If you’re interested in starting your own business but not sure about your idea – or just need some advice on how to prepare a business plan – don’t hesitate to contact us!


Starting a business always required a financial investment. The entrepreneur’s own resources alone are rarely enough; other forms of finance are almost always needed to support them. Public support is available for starting a business, but a loan from a bank may also be needed. The variety of financiers and financial instruments can easily make it seem like an impenetrable jungle. Don’t worry, we can easily advise and help you with this too. Business Kemijärvi’s experts will help you identify the right financing solution for you, as well as help you apply for the actual financing.

Leave us a contact request or contact us directly and we will help you with personalised advice to get you on the path to entrepreneurship!

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From invention to business

A business idea can also be built on a new invention. With the help of the Idea FactoryTM service provided by our partner, the Invention Foundation, it is easy to work on a new invention and the business idea based on it in a determined and self-directed way. The tools and information materials of the Idea FairTM platform help to refine the idea and build the necessary skills. Once the idea has matured, you can use the platform to

access to experts in different fields, educational institutions and the services they provide. From commissioning market research, to applying for patents, to commissioning prototypes, you can easily find help directly through the platform. https://www.