Fell destinations

Kemijärvi is centrally located in relation to the fells of Eastern Lapland; about 50 km south of Kemijärvi is Suomu and to the north is Pyhätunturi, which can be seen as far as Kemijärvi. Other nearby fells include Salla’s Sallatunturi, Rukatunturi in Kuusamo and Posio’s Kirintövaara. The spring season in particular brings many tourists to Kemijärvi’s city centre for shopping. The services offered by the nearby fells, such as the ski trail network, complement Kemijärvi’s range of services well.

Kemijärvi has excellent accessibility and is well connected. An electric night train brings tourists to the lakes of Lapland, if necessary with their own car. Travellers can also rent a car. Link to more information. In addition, Rovaniemi Airport is about an hour away.

The City of Kemijärvi develops tourism in accordance with the development plan. A number of development projects supporting tourism are also under preparation and being considered by the funding authority. The projects aim to carry out route mapping to support cycling and canoeing tourism. In addition, Kemijärvi’s nature trails will be transferred to the outdooractive.fi website. Work is underway to migrate the routes to the new platform.

There is a need for accommodation, catering and programme service businesses in the area. If you are interested in locating in Kemijärvi, please contact us and let’s talk more!

Find out more about the current offerings and opportunities in Suomu and Pyhätunturi on the Visit Kemijärvi website.

In Suomutunturi and Pyhätunturi, the city of Kemijärvi has plots for sale for leisure and permanent housing near the tourist centres. Link: city website/plots for sale. Photo and video of the plots for sale and the area.

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